Infrastructure Management Services

  • Annual Maintenance Contract / Break Fix Support
  • Managed IT Services
  • Infrastructure Audit services
  • Help Desk Services
  • Desktop Management Services (DMS)
  • Server Management
  • Network Management Services
  • Anti Virus Management
  • Business Computing Services
  • Data recovery

Infrastructure Solutions

Annual Maintenance Contract / Break Fix Support
We cover the break fix maintenance for desktops, laptops, servers and printers and other peripherals. We provide backup units when required.

Managed IT Services
We provide complete IT support to enterprises who do not have the relevant resources, or who would like to avoid the expense or complexity of managing in-house. Our Managed IT Services ensure that your IT infrastructure is always up and running as per Service Level Agreements.

Infrastructure Audit services
We offer the entire range of audits for IT Infrastructure and networks. We also perform inventory audits for software assets.

Help Desk Services
Generating and tracking trouble tickets
We provide dashboards and reports to ensure SLA’s are met. Focus is on closures and client satisfaction.

Desktop Management Services (DMS)
DMS covers desktops, laptops , printers and peripherals .

* Problem diagnosis, support and resolution for peripherals such as mouse/ monitors / cables and network cards.
* Install/ Move/ Add/ Changes (IMAC).

We also provide vendor management services.

Server Management
Essentially system admin support services which include

* Orderly system start-up and shutdown of servers
* Monitoring CPU utilization, disk space usage etc. using server management tools.

Network Management Services
We cover management of the LAN/WAN Infrastructure for our customers.

Anti Virus Management

Virus Removal
Although it is the IT industry that depends entirely on computers for their all of the activities, almost every one of the business today relies on computers for a variety of tasks. Computers and internet have also become an integral part of today's home. Virus is one of the major evils that halt the proper functioning of computers. In spite of free antivirus software available in the internet, there are a few hard to detect viruses that could stay on even after a purge. We at All Tech Solutions utilize the latest of technologies to detect and eliminate such harmful viruses.
Our software experts are well informed about the latest viral threats in the computer arena. We would keep your systems clear of viruses and optimize them for the best performance. With our security against viruses, you can increase productivity, and lessen the expenses of repairing and recovering your information. Even if you have subscribed to an antivirus try out our virus removal service and you will find the difference.

Spyware and Malware Removal
Spyware and malware find their way to your computer without your knowledge. While most are intended to collect bits of information about your web surfing sessions some of them even are designed to record and forward your passwords to hosts.
Apart from privacy breaches, these also affect the performance of your system. Most antivirus programs created for virus detection seldom consider spyware and malware as threat to your system. On the other hand they are potential threats that could end up in devastation. We at All Tech Solutions have special software that could detect every one of them and destroy them instantly. By utilizing our spyware and malware removal services, you not only get a great performing system, but also are safe from losing out your highly confidential data.

Business Computing Services
We cover the entire range of solutions from partners like HP, IBM, Lenovo, Acer, and Toshiba.
Desktop: We provide customized solutions for desktops. We also carry a range of thin clients.
Notebook and mobile solutions: We carry all form factors, net books, smart books and smart phones. We also carry an exciting range of mobile solutions from apple including IPADS.

Data recovery
Are your worried about your lost data in your hard drive? We at All Tech Solutions can recover all your data irrespective of the damage that your hard disk has undergone. Our data recovery service is instant and you can get your valuable data within hours of reporting. We offer this service at highly affordable prices. Do compare the quality of our services and pricing with standard data recovery service providers before you contact us. You will never find a close competitor for us in Chennai, who can give such a personal attention and care as we do.

Computer rentals allow you to keep up with technology changes without purchasing new equipment constantly. Computer rentals can provide your business with computers when you are away from the office. Computer rentals are great for trade shows and events away from your office. You won't have to drag your computer systems with you when you use our computer rental service. Computer Rentals also have the advantage of keeping you on the cutting edge of technology without having to upgrade every year. We do provide tech support and overnight replacers.
We’ve been delivering affordable, dependable, high speed up-to-date computing solutions to meet your needs. Our experience combined with our unparalleled service and support makes us the best choice for all your computer rental needs!
We specialize in large events such as tradeshows, training seminars and conventions. With our vast inventory of state-of-the-art computers and peripherals, we can usually deliver your order the same day you place it.
Whether your requirements are very basic or highly technical, our experienced staff is ready to assist you with your needs. Network configurations and Internet access with Sparks Computer Rentals is easy. We coordinate every equipment rental to your exact specifications in order to meet your event requirements


We can advise on assemble and branded desktop suit into your budget, With us you get quality of services, You also get the components of the best distributors in Delhi so you get the best deal possible, Customers face many problems in the computer so your machine is needed for cleaning and to ensure that no data is straying we also wager up the collection for you. If your computer is too slow, we can correct any errors with the Windows registry and best software cleans out for temporary cache files, log files, and recycle bin. So save your money if you how and where to get powerful computer Whatever you want a computer to: New design cabinet ; With multimedia keyboard and mouse ; Latest (Intel) Processor ; Branded Mother boards ; Register full version of Antivirus software  e-mail, and web browsing ; play your favorite songs and games or doing work from home. If you are interested in someone to help you solve computer problems, data recovery or repairs or chip level to help you install the drivers, etc., or help to maintain the system..